Our horses are seasoned pros who are available month-to-month for leasing.  Leasing is a great way to ‘try out’ the idea of owning a horse and its more economical.

Benefits to Leasing:

By leasing a horse at Gwyn Meadows Farm, you are eligible to sign up for horse shows & events on the weekends and participate in our Gwyn Meadows Christmas Angels (if leasing in December).


1/2 Lease
Month to month basis : $400
One lesson included per month.
Able to flat once a week (May not be on the horse you are leasing)
Lesson prices (1 hour group lesson) : $40
Allowed 2 lessons per week on the leased horse.  If there are cancellations, we will do our best to accommodate a third lesson.  The third lesson might not be on the leased horse.
You are also responsible to pay for 1/2 the horse’s shoes.
Horse show fees and entries will be separate.
Coaching fee : $50.00 (per show)
Vanning : Cost is dependent on milage and will be posted prior to the horse show.
Entries: Different for every horse show.